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 このたびYODOYAは、『HISTORY OF ART EXPERIENCE』を2017年6月17日(土)午後4-7時に開催いたします。これは、椹木野衣(美術批評家)と緑川雄太郎(アートディレクター)が「アート体験の歴史」について話すトークイベントです。




【 ご予約 】 info@y-o-d-o-y-a.com

【 会場 】 YODOYA
〒583-0852 大阪府羽曳野市古市4-4-18

YODOYA is pleased to host a talk event entitled “HISTORY OF ART EXPERIENCE” by art critic Noi Sawaragi and contemporary art director Yutaro Midorikawa on 17th June 2017.

Humanity has been meeting with art by various methods. Cave, stone hut, church, temple, museum, gallery, abandoned building, seashore, book, TV, internet, rumor and so on, the situation of space for experiencing art is being changing by its era, technology and environment.

This talk event consists of two parts, the seating capacity is 20 and admission free. Part 1; “10 important topics for history of art experience” which was selected by the two will be talked alternately and compare the two’s view of its history in order to look back how we had experienced art. Part 2; the future of art experience will be surveyed. Is it possible to experience art in the first place?

Please come. Looking forward to seeing you.

[Booking] info@y-o-d-o-y-a.com

[Venue] YODOYA
18 4 4 Furuichi Habikino Osaka 5830852 Japan